Dance, music, sex, & romance, Purple Veins aim to re-create the magical power and energy of a classic Prince show circa 1985: an all-out dance party with relentless funk, all the hits, tasty lesser-known classics, theatrical elements and dance choreography woven into it. Their aim is to be all-inclusive, with an age range of 18 to 40 and multiple ethnicities within the band..to both reach his music to millennials who didn’t live through it and transport those that did back in time to their younger days. With a charismatic, sexy and soulful frontman, a huge ensemble (16 plus!) of the funkiest cats, sultriest singers, and hottest dancers Wisconsin has to offer, Purple Veins is THE tribute show of all Prince tributes.

“Brandon Beebe, the Vein’s frontman, doesn’t imitate Prince. It’s deeper than that – he wants to let the spirit of Prince live through him. Beebe, who is usually not a fan of tribute acts, makes plenty of his own music and has a vigorous solo career. He’s showcased at SXSW and shared the stage with Meshell Ndegeocello, Kandace Springs, Zoe Keating, PHOX, Darius Rucker, and more. He puts on a show that doesn’t feel like a typical tribute band – the sincerity, passion, and total control of the music makes it feel 100% like the real thing.”



“I attended a Purple Veins show in 2011, and having seen the real deal (‘Purple Rain Tour, Dec. 1984), I was skeptical and wasn’t sure what to expect from this soft-spoken singer/songwriter. But Beebe’s transformation was complete: his prodigious guitar and vocal talent and his physical similarity to Prince were uncanny – clearly the result of serious study. It was all there: pop perfection, harmonies, horns, lights, synthesizers, purple and lace. The sold-out crowd was ecstatic.”

~ Catherine Capellaro, editor of the Isthmus, Sep. 21, 2016.

“Purple Veins are unlike any tribute band I’ve ever seen. The show is absolutely incredible. The ‘Prince’, and producer of the show Brandon Beebe looks and sounds so much like him it’s scary”

~ Matt Gerding, co-owner of the Majestic Theatre.

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